Thought process

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Thought Process

by Falseta

Released March 25, 2016

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2018 - Almost done with new album! <3

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Falseta leads with a creative edge, differentiating themselves in the industry by infusing genres. Their use of creative percussion variations, memorable vocal harmonies, and most importantly their impressionable performances leave audiences with a sense of excitement and awe. Ultimately, the band describes themselves as “The kind of music that metal dudes listen to with their girlfriends.” Falseta is expanding their fan base throughout the U.S. and international markets with their upcoming tour plans, music video releases, along with their new album, "Thought Process," soon to be released March 2016.

Vocals / Marcus Fernandes
Guitar, Vocals / Vishnu Saiz
Guitar / Kitova McCarthy
Bass, Vocals / Trevor Talbot
Drums / Romulo Bernal